Why Equel?

Language used to be a significant barrier to building an international professional network. If you are not a native English speaker and share everything in English, you are not serving your local community. However, If you talk on social media in your native language, you lose many international opportunities.

Speak in your language.

Equel is a multilingual community app. You can talk in your own language in every community and chat. We automatically translate it to the other parties in their own native languages. Even if your language is not listed, you can still talk in it. You will receive others’ responses to you in English.

Made for professionals.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a multilingual customer community around your product or service, you will love Equel. 

If you are a professional and want to expand your network and find opportunities internationally, language is no longer a barrier. 

AI assistant in your language.

Our AI assistant speaks your language. It helps you check facts, summarize chats, and find answers to any questions you might have. In the future, it will help you turn your conversations into reports and tasks in your company’s systems.

We know how to fix social networking.

We are top experts in algorithmic influence and deeply understand the massive challenges social media faces today.

Algorithms manipulate us, addict us, and divide us. AI-generated content is flooding all channels and creating a fake reality indistinguishable from the real world. Building trusted relationships on public social media walls is already almost impossible.

We want to reverse this scary trend and help humanity build bridges and reunite. It takes safe communities and chats with people you know by their real name and professional identity.

Our mission is to create a warm and welcoming space where people can build trust over conversations and grow their network with professionals worldwide, embracing diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

So, come and be a part of our growing community! Experience the true power of human connections without barriers set by algorithms or languages.